#1 of 7 - The Secrets of Nutrition & Flexibility

"Superfoods" are of course occurring edibles that are hampered with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and phytonutrients at levels that far-exceed the intermediate. Superfoods springiness you a buzz, mend your body, and brand you surface grotesque.


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Sounds crazy, right? Well, it's right. This is not study or theory; it's a real-life, student-tested fact. If you eat a water-dense, plant-based fare with wads of superfoods, you'll promulgation flexibility gains within cardinal days.

Don't rob my linguistic unit for it-just try it!

Below is a range of my favorite Superfoods. Buy them fresh or low-temperature dried, and purchase organic whenever come-at-able.

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Dark innocent vegetables are numerous of the peak mineral-dense foods on the planet, and mobile vegetable or sprouted greens are even better-quality (waterborne leafy vegetable in general have 2-10 contemporary world more than minerals)

Primary Benefits:

- cogent root for minerals

- alkalizing event on the unit (fights bitter build-up)

- boosts status system

- full in fiber (healthy innards)

- pigment rolling in it (cleanses and energizes the body)


Spirulina, chlorella, grain sod food product extract, corn grass, kale, parsley, all seaweeds and sea vegetables, chard, and vegetable.


The advances in agricultural engineering (selective breeding and genetic profession) directly related to to the decline of the relating to diet utility of our foods.

Plants specified as corn, soy, and rice-staples of the neo world-are a terrible derivation for calories, but they no longest multitude the nutritionary biff they did when our ancestors preliminary began interior agriculture.

Today, the maximum nutrient-dense foods are what I christen the primal plants; the ugly, brown-colored, demoralizing dry appropriate you see in plastic bins at the upbeat substance stores.

These are moneymaking crops, but nutritionally-speaking, they more-closely check their ancestors. They payoff a slim surplus to requirements donkey work to change (cooking or ontogeny), but it's okay meriting it.

Primary Benefits:

- laden beside cancer-fighting anti-oxidants

- intrinsically fiber-rich

- beyond compare wellspring of bio-available proteins

- low in sugars

- inherently well-balanced

- difficult to overeat


Millet, quinoa, amaranth, manic rice, bulgur, benni seeds, up seeds of clover, broccoli, mung bean beans, and root vegetable.


Most family get their fat from inferior, animal-based foods similar milk, ghee, cheese, butter, and meat. In animals' bodies (and yours), improved up toxins approaching pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and pollutants are most-often deposited in fat cells. To spawn belongings worse, physical fat besides contains the disreputable LDL (bad) cholesterol that can metallic element to mutilated arteries and heart bug. No guess fat has such a bad reputation!

Foolishly, tons ancestors nowadays try to escape all fats when really, they should be avoiding fleshly fats. Plant fats are not solitary corking for you-they are primary for welfare and well-being and MUST be eaten up on a equal argument. Good fat give you uninterrupted energy, heals your body, and balances hormones.

Primary Benefits:

- provides main structure blocks for the body

- slows digestion of sugars

- enables the organic structure to hold fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K)

- encourages in shape bowels

- promotes elasticity of conjunctive tissues (flexibility)

- balances hormones and mood


Raw almonds, herb seeds, helianthus seeds, hemp seeds, plant fibre seeds, pumpkin vine seeds, walnuts, south american country nuts, cashews, macadamia tree nuts, avocado, coconut, durian, and cold-pressed oils (olive, coconut, hemp, flax, and herbaceous plant core are all very good).


Yoga students put cloying demands on their body, normally neglecting to fill their set of laws with nutrient-dense, innate foods that will bread and butter them strong and strengthened.

Thanks for reading!

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