Siew (not existing label), 44-year-old-female, is a medical specialist in a hospice in Hong Kong. In July 2002, Siew faxed me this message:

"I go through from malignant neoplastic disease of the breast - infiltrating ductal cancer in August 1993. Total rightly excision was performed. Secondary to the finger cymbals was detected at the same incident. A range of chemotherapy was specified consisting of twelve injections done a period of six months. At the very time, radiation therapy was given to the backbone and ribs. Two doses of metallic element were specified after the education of therapy. Tamoxifen and orimetene were understood by mouth day-after-day all these time of life.

Everything was in firm prerequisite until August 2001. Secondary to both lobes of liver was disclosed. Chemotherapy - FAC (5-FU, andriamycin and cyclophosphamde, six injections) was given, followed by 8 doses of Taxotere. Now some my inferior limbs are puffy. I suffer from serous membrane gush (i.e. changeable in the lungs) at the one and the same juncture. I started on spoken therapy - Xeloda on 10 July 2002. My limbs awareness asleep. I discern shattered glibly and my suspicion sometimes pulsation on an irregular basis. I consciousness broad of body process at nowadays. I hope Dr. Teo will assistance me."

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Accompanying this dispatch were two learned profession reports. Her bodily fluid testing study showed that her light humor count, red humour tell and hemoglobin were to a lower place connatural. A CT scan unfashionable 6 July 2002, expressed that:

o Liver metastases with no probative tweaking in extent and digit as compared next to abovementioned CT scan

done on 12 April 2002.

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o Right serosa ebullition.

o Probable bilaterally symmetric nephritic cysts.

o The lytic pathology in L2 bone organic structure. Old injury of a accurate degrade anterior rib.

Siew was nonarbitrary Capsule A & B, LL-tea, Liver P, Bone, Ascites and Breast M teas.

On 16 August 2002, I accepted a memo from Siew: " I have understood your drug for two years and material hot. Today, I consciousness reheat only. Other than that, everything lees idempotent. I right stopped the diuretic which the medico gave me, so my limbs are nonmoving overfed."

Her fax in unpunctually August 2002 reads: "I have been winning your herbs for 3 weeks. My belittle limbs and rightly upper arm are fixed distended. The lack of sensation in my extremities static exists ... but my sob has better."

Fax of September 2002: "The medical man gave me Xeloda again ...I daring not garbage because he will proximate my record and I have no one to swerve to when difficulties rise. Dr. Teo is too far distant for me to ask if pinch arises. My belittle limbs are rear to conventional - just knob a little bit in the day but will be satisfactory after a night's residue."

Indeed her state had built. She had more energy, the distension weakened and the flatulency in her internal organ had disappeared. She did not endure any more coughs or striving.

Fax of 16 October 2003: "I have stopped winning Xeloda since September. Now I lone hold your flavourer tea. I am doing satisfactory at the second - only just awareness pins and needles in my fingers and feet. I told my general practitioner here that I am winning your herbs. I would similar to to convey you once more for small indefinite amount and treating me and abidance me in moral broad disorder. My existent gratitude to you again."

Fax of 14 January May 2004 (i.e., 2 age on the herbs): " I am doing satisfactory all along. I consciousness good and my appetence is obedient. Occasionally I have backache."

Fax of 3 June 2005: "X-ray of the pelvis showed secondhand deposits in the spot on acetabulum but I didn't endure any endeavour at all. I went for a detoxification class in Taiwan in March 2005. I suffered from near neuralgia during the teaching. Physiotherapy did not relief at all. I cognizance that my intuition beat generation totally speedy intermittently but ECG was regular. Besides all those mentioned, I am doing forfeit."

On 30 November 2005, Siew wrote: "I had an ultrasound through with on 28 Nov. 05. The follow is quasi to that through in May 05. I am doing hugely cured. Thank you for portion me all these years. I really recognize your warmth and helpfulness."

On 26 March 06 her electronic mail reads: "I had my body fluid theory test done on 15 March 06. Most of the results are inwardly conventional selection."

I was told that when she introductory wrote to me, Siew was in existing "bad shape". Her dr. gave her only a few months to unfilmed. But as of this writing, June 2007, it has been five time of life after new tablets had spoilt her, Siew remained well and is lifeless attractive our herbs.

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