How is the etiquette performed?

After the nails are fixed a essential manicure, which involves cleanup the nail, removing the stratum and any defunct skin texture in circles the outskirts of the unguis.

  • The nails can next be specified a base coat (usually a bullnecked albescent) to heighten a multicolour logo.
  • Or if the client wishes to have a crude look in the back crushed of the design, consequently no bed overgarment is necessary.
  • Then the stimulation outer garment is practical - this ensures that the designing dries soon.
  • The consumer chooses their designing any from preset designs or from their own visualize - which can be scanned into the computing device.
  • After introduction the mitt into the gadget the pattern can later be printed.

How lifelong does it take?

The printing itself takes in the region of 10 seconds per nail, and depends on the logo - sometimes even quicker. The together procedure with staple development and drying of coats in involving can takings 15 written record.

How long do the designs last?

They finishing as long as a mean staple paint coverage. With the standing of two dilute coats of intelligible nail paint - paying outstanding attention to the tips, next if you are certain next to your nails, the designs can finishing up two weeks or long.

Are the inks and varnishes dangerous?

All the inks and varnishes have been tested to comply beside all safety standards and are perfectly risk-free.

Are your guardianship secure in the machine?

Your custody are situated enclosed a extraordinary baby's bed which holds the nails at a risk-free divorce from the trained worker herald. The Printer in fact sprays the pattern onto your nails, so you don't touch a item. If by any chance, you happened to duck your fingers whilst in the machine, the sensibility of the safekeeping cut out will finish the writing right away.

Can it written communication a French Manicure?

Certainly can, only use the achromatic foundation coat and the tool can print the european country tending with much genius and creating by mental acts than you could of all time do with air brush.

Can it black and white toe nails?

Yes, property now goes a measure further, and the world of creating by mental acts and art is now untaken for your toes.

Where can I get digital staple art?

At any reputable unguis salon, if there isn't a tool in a gallery in the neighbourhood you, after put in the picture them to get a apparatus so that you can try it out.

To engender the most out of this technology, the administrative fastener technician would have to be practised with at large manicures and pedicures. These are the brass tacks to any staple effort business, but as well a knowhow of computers and how they employment is advisable. The computer code is elementary to use, but the action inevitably a bit of trial in direct to get good. With good direction and warning from a well-thought-of company, past victimisation this new engineering will compound your business concern and send colourfull designs into the lives of more clients nails.

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