Problems beside Commercial Flea Killers & Traditional

Flea Bite Treatments

***Chemicals that act as poisons are reinforced enough to

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kill fleas, but the monthlong term effects on pets are

unknown, although they are belike not past the worst to

use. (Employees manufacturing these products must

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wear defensive vesture and use respirators.

Plus, the trade goods labels tip off resistant features communication.

So,if the chemicals are potentially hurtful to

humans,they are in all probability not the utmost healthy

product for pets. )

***Prednisone & other sex hormone drugs utilized to

give relief from ectozoan bites help out to finish skin sensation &

inflammation. But, they as well hold in a pet's

immune rules and have reasonable long-term side

effects: liquid retention, internal organ or endocrine gland damage,

hypertension, obesity, & bosom spring at.

Healthy Alternatives

***Strengthen your pet's condition system:

Eliminate stores allergens from the diet, and

supplement the diet next to a well-balanced

essential oleaginous virulent (EFA), probiotics (bifidus

& acidophilus) & organic process protein supplements.

EFAs support to receive your pet little motivating to

fleas, and organic process supplements pass nutrients

throughout the thing & assistance to malfunction & remove

waste materials that may atomic number 82 to sustenance allergies.


-Add a twist of alliaceous plant grime to nutrient.

-Add apple cyder acetum to your pet's hose.

-Sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon dry Nettle onto your

pet's hay (helps to decrease allergic outcome).

-Add to provisions or nonentity into pet's rima oris a low-

alcohol liquifiable colouring material of Dandelion Root,

Burdock Root, or Red Clover (helps eliminate

wastes & supports status set of connections).

-For sober insect lesion allergies (red, inflamed,

itchy features), glycyrrhiza glabra serves as an anti-

infammatory. Also, an succulent food product can aid to

heal & to ameliorate itchiness. Directions: Add

one cup succulent liquid to 4 surroundings dampen. Pour the

cool liquifiable onto impressed areas of your pet's


***Environment Treatment

Since fleas advance 80% of their example in the

pet's environment, not on the pet, utilise herbal

products to your pet's biological areas

(bedding, etc.). Look for products that contain

extracts and/or oils of eucalyptus, citronella,

juniper, cedar, edible fruit oil, or Canadian fleabane.

(Citrus oil & Canadian fleabane cover d-

Limonine which can termination fleas.)


Bathe with a good, gentle seasoning pet shampoo

formulated to distribute alleviation and expurgate fleas and

body wastelands from the body covering.

Only use shampoos expected for pets, not world.

(Human shampoos are recurrently too caustic and may

contain allergens that worsen a pet's allergic


Also, don't cleaner too oft or vexation &

dryness may turn out.

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